The Rare Blue Diamond



The Diamond in the Rough

Embedded within each person are diamond-like qualities. We appear to be quite ordinary with a rough surface; howeverwithin the more then the eye can see.With a little polishing, sculpting and care, the uniqueness within each of us, the true beauty and value we are worth, will be brought out to shine.


Have you ever meet someone who has a rare quality that may not be visible to the eye at first glance? Who, on the outside surface may seem shy, modest, or just plain ordinary, showing traces of imperfections along with some roughness around the outside edges? We all tend to express the distinctiveness that lives within us, but then fear to show the rare unique qualities we have been given.  These imperfections are not weaknesses, rather they are the flaws that make each person unique.  

The qualities of the rare blue diamond lie in the eye of the beholder. I believe that all of us have qualities that shine like a diamond, but there are only a few people in this world that can be like the rare blue diamond.  Many years ago I was told by someone that I was a diamond in the rough and that someday I would realize that the qualities I carried were rare.  At the time, did not understand this, as it was a time in my life when I had lost who I was. To tell you the truth, I was actually offended that he said this to me; I didn’t want to be different! Well, as the years have gone on, I now realize what he really meant.  I will take my unique ways, with all the blemishes and roughness that life has given me, and use this clarity to shine in my own way.  I have come to my own understanding because of this simple little conversation I had with someone. I am not just any diamond in the rough, waiting to be found and polished to beauty.  Rather, I strive to be the blue diamond, among the most rare and valuable gems on Earth. 


All beauty comes with slight irregularities.

The rare blue diamond contains impurities and structural defects that cause the coloration to be blue. These types of diamonds are the rare finds, as their worth is hidden. Because of the environment that surrounds them, and only by the process of polishing, then refining, will you be able to see the natural inner beauty, worth and value that shines within this beautiful diamond.  These are the diamonds you want within your life, as these blue diamonds are the unsung heroes.

Don’t be ashamed of your authentic self. Let it shine bright into the world

The Clarity comes in knowing that every one of your flaws, birthmarks, roughness, and jagged edges has made you who you are. Accept these qualities no matter what life gives you. Know your wants, desires, truth, worth, faults, and growth, as these are the beautiful flaws that carry the uniqueness of the characteristics that mold you!

From a dull stone to a brilliant gem.

When there is a lack of clarity, courage, and determination to follow ones path, the chaos, frustration, and emotions will lead you to where you really don’t want to be. You may find yourself walking with your head down, living with the fear that the blemishes and flaws will show through.  When you begin to understand that these blemishes of life make your uniqueness stand out, while also making the choice to see, listen, and hear your souls desire, then you will find clarity of youtrue beauty that is carried inside, breathing the untold stories that live in your heart.

Imperfections is beauty.

Who you are now, who you want to be, and who you have been in the past, should provide great clarity as you head through life’s journey. No one is free of blemishes and distinguished birthmarks. We all carry struggles that live in us internally and externally. These secret stories that make us unique are often the ones we hide within our soul.  Let the birthmarks you inherited on life’s journey be your untold story, giving you the strength to realize that you are an individual and worth shining even in the darkest times.

You are stronger because of your defects.

Defects and flaws do not mean you are broken or of no value. It just means that through life’s pressures and circumstances, things have been placed before you that have weakened your ability to see things clearly. Instead of taking these flaws and defects to mean that you are damaged, try to focus on your core desire to learn from what has been put before you.  As you learn to take care of yourself, with no shame, you will find a peace within that you thought you had lost. You will begin to have clarity in the understanding that all of the flaws and defectsno matter how small or large, have been  polishing  you to be who you are today.  

All beauty comes with slight irregularity.

Life is full of imperfect moments, and within these moments you will find the clarity to let the blemishes become light and begin to shine with radiance.  A diamond will not reveal much information about the conditions in which it was born, but it will often show tiny bits of the surrounding environment that has formed it. Mastering the ability to cut away from the expectations of being perfect will lead you to become clear about the life you want to live and will allow you to let go of the blemishes and birthmarks that are holding you back. This is when you become the rare blue diamond who is ready to radiate beauty through the uniqueness of who you are, flaws and all.